Method 1, scanning 110 negatives on glass.


110 film likes to curl, and as soon as you start scanning the heat makes it curl more. Producing distorted out of focus scans. Also with shiny side down (emulsion up) you may get newton rings.

Using this method negatives must be scanned shiny side up (emulsion down) and then flip the scans after in your fav graphics editor.

In order to keep the negatives flat on the glass we are going to use some lead weights positioned in between each frame.

You can use any suitable weights but make sure they are not too tall that they hit the glass top !!

I will show you the weights that I use. Found these on EBAY I think they are used as curtain weights. The edges were a little bit rounded so I squashed them a bit in the vice :)


Position the weights in between the frames as shown below.


Method 2: "film holder"